Leadership and Purpose

Leadership Insights is dedicated to embolden Leadership, Transformation and Performance in our world.

I have been blessed with an amazing life, and my mission is to develop, appreciate, and return what I have been given.

The Air Force sent me to Harvard for a year & multiple other leadership programs to “mobilize & engage people to overcome difficult challenges and accomplish their purpose.”

Now, as a retired military Colonel, I enjoy helping others do the same.   Both at the personal level, in individual fulfillment and achievement, and the organizational level, in mission accomplishment and business effectiveness.

I do this by helping you align your actions & activity with what is important, improve your productivity, identify your resistance & blind spots, and put you on path for more fulfillment and joy.

So, let’s get started! – Onward & Upward…

Spartan Race edit

Welcome to Leadership Insights!

A picture of my son and me finishing our first Spartan Race. Momentous… run, obstacle, run, another obstacle, run, harder obstacle, run, painful obstacle, run, cold obstacle, run, wet obstacle, run some more… go through fire, finish, celebrate (take obnoxious muddy pictures), reflect & recover.   Obstacle racing is metaphoric for our lives!   It is optimal living.

As a senior military officer, I loved leading people in mission accomplishment.    The military provided meaning and purpose in my life; and it was important and impactful to myself, my Airmen, and my Nation.

Upon leaving the military, I lost what had been easily understood before.   I lost a connection to greater purpose and meaning.

Over the last seven years, I have fought to rediscover what is meaningful (beyond my family) in my life.   I found that working with others, elevating their purpose and optimizing their performance fills me with joy.    My purpose has become supporting the transformation of myself and others in finding fulfillment and making impact.

I believe joy comes from alignment with our highest purpose.   Being out of alignment, whether as a business or as in our lives creates crisis.    I know that when I am out of alignment, I am out of integrity with purpose and then I suffer, like when I left the military.

Therefore, I am doing the work of transformation.   This is my work.   I hope it is your work.   I hope that as this site & blog evolve; ideas, tools, techniques, and procedures will help us  find more fulfillment and less suffering as we lean into our highest purpose.

Frankly, I hope we all find more joy in our world and more joy in our lives.

One thought on “Leadership and Purpose”

  1. Hi Pierre!
    Kudos for stepping into the important work of transformation, both for yourself and for supporting others in their transformative journeys. You have a powerful story, and it’s great to see you’re offering your gifts and talents to help make our world a better place. Thank you for your service!

    I hope you are well! It was such a pleasure meeting you at the SI Advanced Elite course this past October. Your presence, focus, willingness to go above and beyond, and your ability to provide practical guidance and support was tremendously helpful. Thank you!

    I’m connecting because my brother, who lives in Westminster, Colorado, is looking for a coach, and you popped into my mind. I did a Google search to find you, and turns out you live in Colorado! Gotta love how that works. 🙂 Please let me know if you would be willing to give him a free discovery session to see if you’re both a good fit.

    Thank you very much!

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