“Pierre’s coaching for me, was life-changing. Both for my career and my personal growth. Being able to identify behaviors that get in my way while also discovering my strongest talents has been a gift that Pierre provided in short order. Anyone who wants to stretch their possibilities can benefit from Pierre’s unique approach to coaching”

         “Pierre possesses a unique ability to connect empathically while still maintaining supportive accountability. His masterful ability to provide personal and professional anecdotes to conceptualize, support, and educate is a refreshing skillset in the coaching world.”

     “I consider Pierre an indispensable partner in optimizing all aspects of my life. Pierre greatly helps me realize much more of my potential. Together, he and I surgically identify and prioritize goals, develop realistic action plans, and strategize around real, or perceived, challenges inherent with each.”

      “Pierre is kind and sincere, but also direct and honest. All of which is necessary for good, accountable coaching. I appreciate that he never gives up on me and keeps digging until he finds what’s authentic and real.”

        “Sometimes it felt like expectations were too high but, I realized later that you have to have big goals to be able to achieve big dreams.”

        “Pierre – As I reflect on this epic year, I want to especially thank you for staying so well connected and your amazing insights .   I reflect on your comments often, and grateful for all you bring .  Your ability to connect all of the vast resources into well synthesized nuggets makes all the difference in the world for those architecting a journey of change.”