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I love this picture with my son Austin.   If reminds me of Freedom.   Having been in the Pentagon during 9-11, and seeing the Freedom tower while floating by the Statue of Liberty,  is metaphoric of our American dreams and the resilience to thrive…  As a side, 6 years later, Austin is a Lieutenant in the Air Force, a Physicist, working for AFTAC; essentially monitoring our “world” for worrisome WMD activity (I think – he can’t tell me).  

Executive Manager & Leadership Consultant with over twenty-nine years leading multi-layered business, governmental, and military organizations, successfully adapting to a wide range of organizational responsibilities.  Diverse background and perspective into the dynamic global environment; creates organizational relevance through innovation, change management and crisis leadership expertise.  Specialties include private equity investment, strategy, global operations, logistics, budget development, global sales and international relations, congressional support, and continuous process improvement.  Personal competencies center on integrity, strategic perspective, conceptual and thought leadership, collaboration, innovation, and mission success.

High Performance Coach: I provide transformation facilitation, helping leaders align purpose and actions; while optimizing human performance.  I do that by creating learning capacity to do adaptive work.   This work can include aligning mission, strategic intention, modifying ineffective beliefs & behaviors, harnessing feelings,  overcoming obstacles, eliminating resistance, optimizing productivity, with the intention of becoming happy & fulfilled.

Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, promoted 5-years earlier than peers, leading up to 4,500 person organizations responsiblecropped-Retirement-Photo-0773.jpg for operations on four continents including combat duties in Europe and Asia.  Executive advisor to the highest tier of military and Department of Defense leaders, including Secretary of the Air Force.  Directed and responsible for balancing $180 billion, 5-year budget submission to Congress.  Country Director of $9B Foreign Military Sales program to Royal Saudi Air Force.  Led multiple aircraft accident boards and acted as on-scene commander for various crises.   Has over 2500 hours of flight time in the RF-4C, AT-38, and F-15 aircraft.

Presently, manages a family holding company with  concentration in oil and gas exploration and production, real estate, private equity/angel funding, and philanthropic support. Manages eight limited-liability subsidiaries across a spectrum of business activities.

Recently, was the Deputy Director of Higher Education in Colorado.  Pierre led approximately 100 staff and directors in seven divisions.   Responsible for providing leadership to the senior management team on all strategic matters, ultimately advancing higher educational attainment for the state of Colorado.   Oversaw the largest increase in higher education funding in the state’s history.   Organized and led a cyber exercise for the Presidents and Provosts of 34 public and private post-secondary colleges.   Drafted a higher education innovation group to explore the future of Higher Education in Colorado

Previously, Vice-Wing Commander of all Air Forces in Afghanistan (4,500 troops in 40 locations in Afghanistan), Maintenance Group Commander of F-15 Unit (1,500 troops, 54 F-15s, 56 facilities, 235 vehicles, worth $2.7 Billion.    Air Combat Command Director of Programs ($180 fiscal year 2008-2013 budget).   Squadron Commander & Deputy Group Commander (F-15 Unit in England), Deputy Director of Secretary of the Air Force’s Action Group (supported senior military political appointees and national security specialists).


Coaching – Optimize.me, DistruptionAccelerators, Strategic Intervention Mastery, RobbinsMadannes Coaching, Cloe Madannes Seminars, Landmark Education, Mankind Project Group Facilitator & Leader

EMBA, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, Evanston, IL

National Security Fellow, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government

MS, Management, Troy University, Holloman AFB Campus, NM

Master of Military Operational Art and Science, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

BS, Aerospace Engineering, magna cum laude, Missouri U. of Science & Technology

Executive Training:

– Academy for Coaching Excellence (Journey to Mastery) – 2020
– Disruptor Accelerator Certified Coach (Whitney Johnson) – 2020
– Optimize.Me Coach Certification – 2019
– Strategic Intervention Mastery Certification – 2017
– Robbins-Madannes Coaching – 2015/2016
– Cloe Madannes Strategic Intervention Seminar – 2015
– Red Bull Glimpses High Performance Conference – 2013 & 2014
– Landmark Education – Forum/Advanced
— Course/Communication/Commitment Seminar – 2013 – 2015
– Mankind Project – NWTA Leader / I-Group Facilitator
– Leadership Denver – Denver Chamber of Commerce – 2013
– Leadership Program of the Rockies -2012
– Soul of Leadership – Kellogg Exec Ed – Deepak Chopra – 2011
– CATSHOT Veteran’s Education Program, Denver University “mini-MBA – 2010
– LEAN Certification – University of Tennessee – 2007
– On Scene Commander & Accident Board President’s Course, Air University – 2003
– Advanced Strategic Studies – Air War College – 2001
– Strategic Management Studies – Air Command & Staff College – 1999
– Defense International Security Assistance – 2002
– Quality Improvement Facilitator Course, Air Combat Command, 1994.

Delegate & Lecturer, KINGLOBAL Innovation Summit, Northwestern University, Colorado Innovation Network Delegate

Steering Committee Board Member 2012-2016, Edison Innovation Awards

Board Member 2013-2015, Colorado Uplift Not for Profit; Board Advisor to Triple Clear Water

Citizen’s Budget Committee 2012-2013, Arapahoe County

Major Military Distinctions:

Legion of Merit, for exceptionally meritorious performance as a senior military leader;  Distinguished Flying Cross, for extraordinary actions during Operation Desert Storm; Bronze Star, for meritorious service while engaged against ground forces in Afghanistan; & Others

I am a man who transforms human lives … NOW

I am also a man in the progress of learning HTML and creating this site  – shouldn’t let the millennials have all the fun!

I may also be a man who is skiing, playing tennis or golf, CrossFit, Spartan races and most recently, my first 1/2 Marathon, loving my wife and our kids, WHILE relishing God’s majesty.


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  1. Dear Pierre,
    even though 25 years have passed since our training flights in Sheppard, I think you still remember you first IP. Today, in a grey afternoon here in Cagliari (Sardinia ), I was just curious to know where my former students are today. And I found your site. First of all congratulations for your wonderful career in the Air Force and now in the civilian field. Regarding myself, I retired from the Air Force in 1993 as DO at Decimomannu AFB and joined Meridiana Airlines that year. I just retired as MD82/83 Captain and now I live in the Island of Sardinia. It would be a great pleasure for me if you can get in touch, so we can share stories about our lives.
    So, waiting for a your replay, I send you my best wishes.

    Fabio Colomban

    Via Tramontana 1
    09126 Cagliari
    Ph.: +39 338 5076974

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