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Hello and Thanks for Coming By…

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The purpose of this site is to begin the process of creating a Leadership Syllabus to promote and support Transformation in our world.     WTF – you say?

I believe that we, as in humanity, have a desperate need to feel loved, needed, worthy, impactful and fulfilled.

The problem is that most of us (and I include “I” in “Us”), are challenged at our individual, family, organization, nation, societal and world level at acting aligned  with our highest purposes.   One might say that often (most often) we are actually doing things that prevents us in fulfilling our purpose or mission.    By not acting in our own best interests, we are lacking integrity and that  ultimately leads to crisis (i.e. the pain, worry, and disharmony we feel in our lives. )

Hopefully, as this blog and syllabus evolve; ideas, tools, techniques, and procedures will be captured (through collaboration and “group genius”) which will be harnessed  in support of the transformation of one or maybe the transformation of many or maybe the transformation of the world at large…

OK – its a start!

Blessings – Pierre