Brandon Marshall – Part Duo

So, at the risk of endangering myself again…

I wrote a blog about Brandon Marshall taking a knee during the Star-Spangled Banner (link).    I was surprised to actually find out people read my blog.   I discovered this because of the intensity of response; some with support, many with disgust.   That being said, yeah.

Brandon is being honored with an award from Harvard Graduate School of Education (link).   Whether you agree or don’t agree with his method, (especially my military brothers/sisters), I am glad we went through the debate.

Writing this, the whole discussion seems to pale in comparison to the crazy/weird arguments we are facing right now; I am glad we were primed for it.

My blog is titled “Live in Truth;” which is a satirical pursuit of something truly elusive, because “truth only exists in the eye of the beholder.” (judged through their individual life experiences).

Thanks for the debate Brandon (BMarshh54)! – Pierre