The Journey

So, I’m basking in the “destination” of a Superbowl victory for the Denver Broncos. It is so cool. My wife Colleen moved to Denver about 6 years ago, and she has become a die-hard Bronco fan. She is originally from New England, and her family and siblings, of course, love Tom Brady and the gang (should I emphasize gang). For her to make a commitment to me in marriage, and one only slightly stronger, to the Broncos, is definitely unconditional love and commitment; especially in the unmerciful ribbing she gets from the Bostonians!

The talk shows in Denver have already dissected the game and now are moving on to next year… WHAT?! My anxiety is already building. How can we re-sign this great defense and build an offense for next year? How can we slog through the next season and win again, with all those highs and lows? How can we create a Bronco dynasty that wins all of the future Superbowls? Argh! I already have to let this go…

Of course, this is a highly visible metaphor for me on living in the moment or (more cliche), live in the journey.

There is a great book called “Mastery: The Keys to Success and Fulfillment” which is essentially a discussion of the truth that life exists in the journey (or present). As I think through that, I can really revel in relaxing into a Sunday afternoon with my wife and friends, experiencing that time together regardless of outcomes; and make watching football something so much more than just the outcome. It is similarly like raising our kids. When I’m in that frame of mind, I just love the “moments” that I get with them, even as they become less often; as they are moving on with their path.

In business, I can treat the goals that I have created in my strategic plan to accomplish as waypoints that may be revealed as on (or off) path. When I experience wins, I can feel joy but not comfort or stagnation. When I experience misses, I can look toward pivots and reflection as I evaluate “what I am doing.” But regardless, each helps me toward mastery of my life. And then I die, which I guess is the actual destination I face; and I’m good with that.

On Path – Pierre