Turning Pro

In my creatives workshop class, we discussed the difference between being a professional (consistently producing market desired content), an amateur (producing whatever and whenever I am called), and a hack (producing for the sake of being paid).

As I think about it …

I like being an amateur creative. I can show up when I want, give as much energy as I want, and check out whenever I want. Nobody expects greatness, so I won’t let anyone down.

When people ask what I do, I say “I manage my family office (as a professional) and I coach leadership on the side (as an amateur).” Because I’m passionate about coaching, I often do it without pay; and justify that it is my calling. (Literally, the definition of an amateur!)

My passion, purpose, meaning, talents, skills have all grown around coaching, teaching, consulting leadership (and leading of course). It is what my soul wants to do!

Seth Godwin asks “When are you going to turn from being an amateur to a professional?”

And I remember my commitment to flying jets. From about freshman year in college until I retired, every action thought, and feeling was about advancing my capacity as a military officer and fighter pilot. I was inspired and dedicated to fly, fight, and win. I was in Flow. I was a Professional.

So, my answer to Seth? “I will turn pro when I stop playing from comfort and create like my life depends upon it.”

And, my life depends on it!

It is time to turn Pro again!

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