I’ve been blessed to be an early stage investor in Sense Labs.   It is a brain training company that helps put performers (athletes for the time being) into the “flow” while in peak performance.   I referenced this in a previous post called “Dis-Ease” where I noted that my brain scan showed a poor ability to relax while at performing, which limited my endurance to stay in the “flow” for long periods of time.    I can remember returning from various sorties in the F-15, mentally drained.   Or, during pilot training, having my brain seize  with soda-straw Situational Awareness, eliminating my ability to process anything outside my direct view.    I can only imagine if I had a tool like this to prepare my mental fortitude to remain focused and relaxed during those times I needed to be at my absolute best.

My hope is to get this technology to our US Air Force fighter community.   Yea, I’m glad our Olympic athletes can optimize performance, but a better use is to keep our engaged soldiers in the flow!

Next week, I will receive my beta-version of the device.    I plan on logging my sleep levels, performance focus, emotional steadiness and see how it goes for me.  I’ll keep you informed.

If you are interested in learning more, contact me or go to their website at GetVersus.

There have been over 1000 athletes tested, of whom I cannot reveal on this blog.   But, there was a reason Seattle dominated Denver in the Super Bowl…

Blessings – Pierre